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    Hello, Welcome to Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD website!
    Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD

    Service hotline:0086-13556626558

    Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD
    Tel: 0769-85317860/83726626
    Fax: 0769-83726623
    Manager Ma: 13556626558 QQ: 800105055
    Mailbox: 13556626558@139.com
    Manager Ma: mazhilin@good-shelf.cn
    Alibaba Chinese website: https://lijinmzl.1688.com
    Website address: www.drozien.com
    Factory Address: No. 6, Chongde Road, Village Head Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City
    Post Code: 523863

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    Dongguan City to good storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in a logistics design, shelf production of professional firms, covers an area of ??26,800 square meters. Is a considerable size, advanced equipment, export-oriented enterprises, the full range of shelves. Has a number of solid foundation, high-quality production technology workers and professional and technical personnel in the company's leadership efforts to develop, continue to grow and develop, the business in recent years showed a continuous upward trend, the company in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai Branch office. To the best warehousing uphold 'We are progressing every day' business purpose of the constant pursuit of product development and application, seeking 'in a limited space to show greater storage', while improving management efficiency, save storage time, compression management costs. Our products are suitable for machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, archives, aviation, terminals, railways, automobiles and other industries. In addition, Division I also undertake a variety of metal products to map processing and paint. The Division dedicated to provide customers with the design, production, installation and consulting integration of the logistics technical guidance! In order for you to have a better understanding of our products, we will send or fax the latest catalog for reference. To the best warehousing will be ahead of the peer technology, technology, quality of the quality, excellent reputation, enthusiasm for customer service.

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    粵 ICP 備 15110571 號   Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD   Address: No.6, Chongde Road, Village Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City

    CONTACT: Mr. Ma   Tel: 0086-0769-85317860/83726626   Cell Phone: 0086-13556626558   Email: 13556626558@139.com

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