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    Hello, Welcome to Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD website!
    Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD

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    Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD
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    Dongguan BT tool cart

    Dongguan BT tool cart

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    Dongguan BT tool cart:
    Tool vehicles for tools, knives, spare parts in the production site in the set of management, so that your items access to work really punctual, accurate, efficient, low consumption.
    1, made of high quality cold rolled steel, electrostatic spray, high temperature baking, to adapt to the factory more complex working environment.
    2, the cabinet structure with three-piece design, durable; cabinet top optional box for storage items.
    3, lined with anti-oil pad, protective cabinet top and placed items.
    4, the security lock mechanism can lock all the drawers at the same time, safe and reliable; drawer can choose classification box, classification slot, partition and other configurations, easy classification management, the effective use of space;
    5, each drawer with a safety lock, to prevent the drawer accidentally slide out; drawer is divided into monorail and three tracks monorail drawer can open 90% / 100%, according to customer demand choice.
    6, the retractable handle design to prevent accidental injury, the use of full width aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, comfortable; the same tool cabinet, drawer can choose a pure monorail configuration three tracks a variety of configurations.
    7, the use of professional wheel, durable, good direction, the brake will not slide after the fixed. The four-wheel runner can carry an average of 100 kg.

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