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    Heavy shelves

    Heavy shelves

    Categories: Heavy shelves



    Name: heavy shelves
    Model: ZJ-ZX-01
    Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong
    Material: Q235 cold rolled steel
    Packing: bubble paper

    Weight type shelf series
    With the combined structure, relying on beam column and column connection, the cell carrying capacity of up to 1000-4000kg, with the overall simple and beautiful, high safety factor, access speed, save space, improve storage capacity, etc., suitable for storage of various types of goods , Especially suitable for the use of forklift a few stacker operation of the use of many enterprises are widely used in the shelves.

    Main features of heavy duty shelves
    1, usually through the goods through the tray, storage cage and other units after the assembly device stored in the shelf storage. Each unit load is generally less than 2000kg, each layer is usually put two units.
    2, is one of the most popular and widely used shelves, suitable for the vast majority of warehouse or product use.
    3, with 100% of the goods arbitrarily selected characteristics. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any cargo storage operations, storage operations convenient and fast!
    4, to the mechanical handling equipment for storage operations.
    5, the unit shelf span is generally within 4m, the depth of 1.5m or less, low, high warehouse shelves height generally within 12m, ultra-high warehouse shelves height generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouse, the total height from the A number of sections within 12m).
    6, can be an integer multiple of 75mm to adjust the height of each layer.
    7, heavy (horizontal) shelves are generally made of cold-rolled profiled steel, column from 80 (90) x60 (70) Ω steel surface red diamond-shaped hole made of beams from 80x50-100x50-120x50-140x50-160x50 hold welding beam connection Pendant made of the general use of pallets instead of pallets to facilitate the handling of forklifts. Layer load of 1 ton to 5 tons of design, the surface electrostatic spray, waterproof and anti-corrosion anti-corrosion ability, high safety factor, plug-in combination, do not need to use screws and welding, assembly is very convenient, make full use of space, Storage capacity.


    Heavy - duty shelf structure
    Heavy-duty shelves are made up of columns, beams, brackets, bracing and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the instability of the bolts after the loosening of the bolts. The beams are made of special cold-rolled P-type closed beams. The structure is simple and reliable, , The bearing capacity, low cost characteristics; column card and column connected with a special design safety pin, to ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external forces; laminates using the international to do the strip, with strong bearing capacity , Wear-resistant, easy to replace, low maintenance costs.


    installation method
    1, first of all horizontal pull (cross), cable (bracing) with screws installed in the column.
    2, the assembly of the two column (a column = two columns + a few horizontal pull + a few cable-stayed) erected on the ground two columns of the distance from the column to adjust the length of the beam can be installed after the beam.
    3, the installation of sub-frame when the first column is installed, and then put the column from the main frame of the column side of the distance from the column to adjust the length of the beam can be installed after the beam.


    Horizontal pull, the number of cable lift:
    Column length: 1000 ~ 1200mm a cable, two horizontal pull
    Column length: 1300 ~ 2200mm two cable-stayed, two or three horizontal pull
    Column length: 2300 ~ 3200mm three cable-stayed, two or three horizontal pull
    Column length: 3300 ~ 4200mm four cable-stayed, two or three horizontal pull
    Column length: 4300 ~ 5200mm five cable-stayed, two or three horizontal pull
    In general, the calculation method for a 600mm a cable-stayed, up and down a cable-stayed, may be appropriate in the above more than a horizontal pull.


    Heavy shelf classification
    Heavy-duty shelf points: beam-type shelves; heavy tray-type shelves; narrow-type tray shelves; heavy storage logistics shelves; mobile heavy shelves;
    Heavy fork, low cost, safe and reliable, easy assembly and disassembly characteristics; suitable for manual access, each layer of standard effective carrying more than 800kg. Suitable for manual access to box-type goods, or with the parts box, turnover box supporting scattered heavy goods.

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