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    Hello, Welcome to Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD website!
    Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD

    Service hotline:0086-13556626558

    Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD
    Tel: 0769-85317860/83726626
    Fax: 0769-83726623
    Manager Ma: 13556626558 QQ: 800105055
    Mailbox: 13556626558@139.com
    Manager Ma: mazhilin@good-shelf.cn
    Alibaba Chinese website: https://lijinmzl.1688.com
    Website address: www.drozien.com
    Factory Address: No. 6, Chongde Road, Village Head Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City
    Post Code: 523863

    Position: Home > Service support

    First, according to customer needs, can be designed to customize the shelf specifications, but also to provide practical construction plans and design parameters.
    Second, the construction plan: by the professional engineers on-site guidance to ensure that the customer warehouse construction plan to carry out smoothly and construction quality (limited to Dongguan area), at the same time, the factory by the professional engineers before the quality inspection to help customers do a good job in the construction process adjustment The
    Third, the quality assurance and acceptance: the customer according to the sample (consistent with the contract) standards and technical parameters to acceptance.
    Fourth, after-sales service: shelf warranty period of 3 years (human factors or overload caused by damage except), received customer replenishment, technical questions, quality problems and other notice, we guarantee that within 12 hours to respond, Need to send technical staff to the scene for processing (limited to Dongguan area). We guarantee to make up the goods according to customer requirements replenishment time.
    Fifth, after the completion of the installation of the shelves in the normal force of the case there is no security risk.

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    粵 ICP 備 15110571 號   Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD   Address: No.6, Chongde Road, Village Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City

    CONTACT: Mr. Ma   Tel: 0086-0769-85317860/83726626   Cell Phone: 0086-13556626558   Email: 13556626558@139.com

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