Cool Sculpting and Laser IPL Hair Removal – Everything you Need to Know About these Non-Invasive Treatments


Over the last few years, I have seen a spike in the number of people looking to get minimally invasive or altogether non-invasive surgeries in Australia for both the body and the face. Non-invasive procedures are convenient for both men and women who are always on the go and have tight working schedules.

It is impressive to see that non-invasive beauty treatments like lasers, fillers and peels can have. Whether it is reduction in fat from one part of the body, or fat taken from one part of your body and injected into another, fillers used to shape and sculpt your nose, reverse the signs of ageing or get that unwanted body and facial hair removed, non-invasive beauty treatments are more popular than ever and this is also due to the fact in advancement in technology and affordable price of these treatments. However, in order to get these beauty treatments you need to spare some of your time, but in the long run, it could save your precious time and money.

Here are the two latest beauty treatments that let you look your best without the fear of going under the knife.

Cool Sculpting

Belly pooch, love handles, muffin tops, flanks, saddlebags, food baby, the world has creatively nicknamed those problem areas. Despite eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis, we all have some trouble areas on our bodies that are most challenging to shift. In fact, some people are genetically predisposed to carrying and storing pockets of fat in different areas of the body. Don’t worry, recent advances in the field of cosmetic dermatology have led to a slew of new, non-invasive treatments that claim to eliminate the stubborn fat and the most popular is cool sculpting. It is a great alternative to liposuction and is an FDA and TGA approved cosmetic treatment which uses fat freezing technology to eliminate the excess fat. But how does it exactly work? Allow me to explain.

  • Working of cool sculpting

Cool sculpting also known as cryolipolysis is a cosmetic treatment which uses a fat freezing machine which has an applicator attached to it to treat the areas of unwanted fat. The applicator is chosen based on size, shape and pinchability of the fat. The device uses a suction mechanism that pulls in the fold of the skin like a vacuum. It uses utmost cold to dismantle fat cells & help reduce fat pocket. The applicator is placed on the skin where it transmits temperatures that are just low enough to immobilise fat cells and do not harm the other tissues and muscles. Over time, the body’s natural process eliminates the dead fat cells leaving a more sculpted look.

  • How many treatments needed?

When you choose cool sculpting, the aesthetician will assess your fat cells to come up with a complete treatment plan. Typically, a cool sculpting treatment area is about the size of the hand. So one love handle is one treatment, two love handles are two and the lower abdomen are two treatments. Each cool sculpting treatment typically removes 25% of the fat that it targets, and with multiple treatments in the same area, it can remove up to 50% of the targeted fat. The number of treatments needed also depends on area(s) you are targeting, your unique physique and your desired results.

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  • When are the results seen and how long do they last?

Professionals and device manufacturers such as Universal Medical Aesthetics say that patients begin to see results within a month, however, for a more sculpted look, you would need to wait for three months. The results offered by cool sculpting are extremely long lasting as when the fat cells are exposed to cool sculpting 25% of them freeze and die during the course of the treatment and your body takes about three months to fully dispose of the treated cells, but once they are gone, they will not return.

  • Who is a good candidate?

A person who is close to their goal weight, but still struggle to get rid of stubborn areas of fat despite best efforts at diet and exercise, and who don’t have a lot of downtime to recover from surgery, then cool sculpting is the right procedure for you.

This is all about Cool Sculpting and do remember that it’s not a weight loss procedure but can help with reduction in fat cells in people who regularly exercise.

Laser IPL Hair Removal

This is the most sought-after beauty treatment for women of all ages because the traditional methods of hair removal are temporary, time-consuming and let alone the burns and cuts they offer. Hair removal with Laser IPL machines is deemed the most effective mean and it saves your time and money in the long run.

Cool Sculpting and Laser IPL Hair Removal

  • Working of laser IPL hair removal

Laser IPL machine is used for the procedure which emits a non-coherent beam of intense light which with a handheld device is targeted onto the treatment area. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair known as melanin and gets converted into heat energy travelling all the way to the follicles and destroying them thus preventing the growth of more hair only after few treatment sessions. The light from the machine works on the specific structures of the hair and follicles leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

  • How many treatment sessions needed?

When you choose IPL hair removal treatment at Melbourne laser hair removal clinics, you will be scheduled for a consultation where the technician will assess your skin and hair type and outline the number of sessions needed. This also depends on the area being treated and desired results, larger areas like back, chest and legs require more treatment sessions while smaller areas like chin and underarms require fewer treatment sessions. Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre recommend 6-10 treatment sessions done 2-3 weeks apart for desired results.

  • Who are the best candidates for IPL laser hair removal?

IPL hair removal works on Fitzpatrick scale where the skin is graded into Type 1 to Type 6 with type 1 being pale which burns easily when exposed to UV while the type 6 is deeply pigmented and never burns. The best candidates for IPL laser hair removal are people who fall into category type 1 to type 4. However, with the advancement in technology, all skin and hair types can be treated as the machine has customised settings.

With IPL hair removal machine you can achieve a more permanent effect and have a smoother looking skin for longer. If you are considering having the treatment, look for a reputed aesthetic clinic with a certified technician with TGA approved IPL equipment preferably sourced from Australian Aesthetic Devices.

So, these are the two non-invasive beauty treatments helping you achieve the desired look without undergoing the knife. Although, as with any treatment, I recommend that you always do a thorough research and don’t fall for the budget, discounted rates or cosmetic enhancement holiday destinations as you get what you pay for and you would certainly don’t want your health to end up paying for it.

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