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Welcome to our health website. We post some articles, which is written by health specialist on the topics of fitness, health, nutrition, wellness,beauty care, and lifestyle.

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We’re looking for brilliant contributors as well as fitness specialist doctors, researchist and health care professionals, including knowledgeable and intense writers who have a passion for writing regard of health, fitness and healthful living. We want creative, and well-written content that inspirit our fast increasingly society of health and fitness reciter.

More specifically, we welcome guest content writers on topics as well as family health, dental care, diet health, diet, parenting, stress conduction, self-improvement, yoga, fitness, and physical culture.

Guidelines for Our guest writers

  • your content must have 700+ words.
  • your content must have 5 headings.
  • Your writing way should be positive, inspiring, educational, and informational that help our readers feel inspired.
  • It should, in no way restrain dirty, or adult or mature content, that can hurt the reader in any eventual way.
  • I reserve each right to redact the formatting and wording of your content if necessary.
  • The essential and authorisation Outbound Links are permit in the post.
  • The less Author information about his/her self is required with every content.
  • The property of the content must be good and must not be sloping or in no way declare about your page or blog. How ever, properly incidental links may be given to your page or blog in the article.

We can’t confess SEO-driven and a promotional item of articles. Every post will be completely tested before publication. Please kindly submit your inquiry our editor@drozien.com, You will be notified when your article will be publish.

If you have interest so we have pleasure to connect with you.

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